Kit Inspections

Air Diagram 1385 (August 1943) was used to show how kit should be laid out for the daily bed inspections and the weekly kit inspection. It also  showed the recruit how the equipment should be worn with “Best Blues” uniform.

The following are some of the diagrams in more detail:

Weekly Kit Inspection

Weekly Kit Inspection

Daily Bed Inspection

A veteran recalls:

“The bedding folding was a daily requirement, with full billet & kit inspections once a week. This continued up until the commencement of our flying training, from which time we were all expected to maintain the same bedding standards without the past “bull”. Once we reached OTU with the more intensive 24 hour schedules, we were allowed to keep our beds made up. We believed that to be more hygienic because the mandatory training standards left a lot to be desired.

Our mattresses consisted of 3 squares called biscuits. We were required to stack these at the head of the bed, fold one blanket lengthwise, lay it over the biscuits and then make a sandwich of one blanket, one sheet repeated, fold the lengthwise blanket over the stack into a “club sandwich”. They had to be accurately folded. This gave the bedding no chance of an airing. By making up our beds and then folding the covers back, at least they received some airing”

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  1. Kit Layout Poster: Courtesy of RAF Museum
  2. A veteran recalls: Courtesy of Dennis Over (106 / 227 Squadron)