Link Trainer

The Link Trainer was a synthetic training device (nowadays known as a flight simulator) which enabled trainee aircrew to learn and practice flying.

It consisted of a fuselage, containing a single-seater cockpit with instrument panel, stick and foot pedals; it enabled a trainee to learn the basics and experience the sensation of flying, including banking, pitching and turning. 

The trainers were housed in purpose built “Link Trainer” buildings at each RAF station.


The fuselage was connected to an instructor’s desk, which contained a synchronised instrument panel and a three-wheeled course plotter (“crab”) which could plot the course being flown onto a map or sheet of paper.

The instructor was able to provide instructions to the trainee and then record his progress, which could be reviewed at the end of each exercise.

Air Publication AP1920 “The Link Trainer Instructors Handbook” contained a series of standard exercises which could be utilised across the various RAF training facilities.

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