Sortie 10

Date:  30th October 1944

Target:  Cologne (Ruhr Valley)

Crew: AE Johnson, J Gardner for GB Thomas, H Coulton, RM Jenkins, R Neale, DF Hadland, CA Butler

Aircraft:  PB199(N)

Role:  Supporter              

Take Off: 18.15  Landing: 22.51

Crew Report:  

35 Squadron ORB: 4 aircraft took part in a night attack on Cologne. 10/10ths cloud covered the target area but accurate bombing was indicated.

Bomber Command:

Aircraft Used: 905 aircraft – 438 Halifaxes, 435 Lancasters, 32 Mosquitos.

Losses: No aircraft lost.

Summary:  This was an Oboe-marked raid through cloud, and Bomber Command estimated that only ‘scattered and light’ damage was caused in the western parts of the city. But the local report shows that enormous damage was caused in the suburbs of Braunsfeld, Lindenthal, Klettenberg and Sülz, which were ‘regelrecht umgepflügt’ – ‘thoroughly ploughed up’ – by the huge tonnage of high explosive dropped (3,431 tons of high explosive and 610 tons of incendiaries were dropped). A vast amount of property, mostly civilian housing, was destroyed but railways and public utilities were also hit. There was little industry in the area which was bombed.