Sortie 13

Date:  4th November 1944

Target:  Bochum (Ruhr Valley)

Crew:  AE Johnson, GB Thomas, H Coulton, Davies for RM Jenkins, R Neale, DF Hadland, CA Butler

Aircraft:  PB199(N)

Role:  Supporter              

Take Off: 17.53  Landing: 22.10

Crew Report:    

35 Squadron ORB: 12 aircraft set out to attack targets in Bochum in good weather. 1 aircraft was hit by flak and the set operator was slightly wounded but the attack was successfully delivered and the aircraft returned to base.

Bomber Command:

Aircraft Used: 749 aircraft – 384 Halifaxes, 336 Lancasters, 29 Mosquitos – of Nos 1, 4, 6 and 8 Groups.

Losses: 23 Halifaxes and 5 Lancasters were lost; German night fighters caused most of the casualties. No 346 (Free French) Squadron, based at Elvington, lost 5 out of its 16 Halifaxes on the raid.

Summary:  This was a particularly successful attack based upon standard Pathfinder marking techniques. Severe damage was caused to the centre of Bochum. More than 4,000 buildings were destroyed or seriously damaged. Bochum’s industrial areas were also severely damaged, particularly the important steelworks. This was the last major raid by Bomber Command on this target.