Sortie 15

Date:  5th December 1944

Target:  Soest

Crew:  AE Johnson, GB Thomas, H Coulton, RM Jenkins, R Neale, DF Hadland, CA Butler

Aircraft:  PB366 (N)

Role:  Supporter              

Take Off: 18.40  Landing: 23.36

Crew  Report:

35 Squadron ORB: 15 aircraft set out to attack the town of Soest. Ground haze prevailed over the target with the result that bombing, although heavy, had a tendency to be scattered.

Bomber Command:

Aircraft Used: 497 aircraft – 385 Halifaxes, 100 Lancasters, 12 Mosquitos – of Nos 1, 4, 6 and 8 Groups

Losses:  2 Halifaxes lost.

Summary: This was a successful raid, with the local report confirming that most of the bombing was in the northern part of the town where the railway installations were situated.