Sortie 29

Date:  16th January 1945

Target:  Magdeburg

Crew: AE Johnson, GB Thomas, H Coulton, RM Jenkins, R Neale, DF Hadland, CA Butler

Aircraft:  PB364(N)

Role:  Blind Marker        

Take Off: 18.46  Landing: 00.29

Crew Report:

35 Squadron ORB: 7 aircraft set off to attack Magdeburg whilst a further 7 bombed synthetic oil installations at Zeitz. 1 of the former returned early through unserviceable instruments. Clear weather conditions indicated successful attacks.

Bomber Command:

Aircraft Used:  371 aircraft – 320 Halifaxes, 44 Lancasters, 7 Mosquitos – of Nos 4, 6 and 8 Groups

Losses:  17 Halifaxes lost, 4.6 per cent of the total force, 5.3 per cent of the Halifax force.

Summary: This was an area raid. Bomber Command claimed that it was successful, with 44 per cent of the built-up area being destroyed. No local report is available.