Sortie 30

Date:  22nd January 1945

Target:  Gelsenkirchen

Crew: AE Johnson, GB Thomas, H Coulton, RM Jenkins, R Neale, DF Hadland, CA Butler

Aircraft:  PB364(N)

Role:  Blind Secondary Marker  

Take Off: 20.10  Landing: 00.11

Crew Report:  

35 Squadron ORB: 14 aircraft took part in an attack on Gelsenkirchen. Bombing was mainly “blind” as the target area was obscured by 10/10ths cloud, but it seemed like an accurate attack was delivered.

Bomber Command:

Aircraft Used: 152 aircraft – 107 Halifaxes, 29 Lancasters, 16 Mosquitos – of Nos 4, 5 and 8 Groups.

Losses: No aircraft lost.

Summary:  This was a small area-bombing raid. The Bomber Command report states that ‘moderate’ damage was caused to residential and industrial areas.